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Free Cornhole Boards & Bags!

Free Cornhole Sets.  Monthly give away, register to win.  Premuim American Cornhole Association (ACA). Sanctioned Boards & Bags.

I hope to develop this site in to a list site, like that really cool one on the west coast near alcatraz.  Where you can click on the state, then the city and find out who is throwing a tournament. 

My role will include Traveling around giving away boards and hosting challanges.  I'll play anyone, my brother is the best so if you beat me up I'm going to go get my big brother.  He'll get yah!

So we'll have regionals South, Central, North, East, West, then will have state championships.    Thats pretty much it. 

We will have boards & bags for sale soon.  They will be premium ACA Sanctioned  boards for under $100 bucks.  This is a Non For Profit organization all revenues will be used to distribute free sets.  Coming Soon!

Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole is Fun!
Dance Brooklyn. We are going to play Cornhole.

So are Eggs & Candy.
Big T & Brooklyn

Welcome to Cornhole Tour

Created to highlight & find the cornhole champs hiding across the land, also to developing the next generation of players.  Created July, 2007.  

Lets just play.  Post your spots, share secrets, & spread the joy of cornhole.  Our hope is to provide boards & bags to any youth organization that would like to introduce the game to the youth of America.  Creating competitive opportunities for learning sportsmanship & integrity through regional gatherings at little to no cost.  Regional champs move on to state, then to nationals (near cincy where it started).  There are some big shooters hiding out there. 

Oh, I'm Rob. I learned Cornhole from my older brother, "BIG T".  I love you big bro.


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Meet Jim & Kyle
Jim is the first cornhole tour official.

Jim & Xzhibit
Jim did not play cornhole with Xzhibit

Big Shooter Nate

Even Hippies like cornhole!

Get out of the bus, lets play some cornhole!


Cornhole Tour
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Free Cornhole Sets. 

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